The Story behind Flowers from the Heart

After a series of flower arranging classes and endless hours of playing around with loose pieces of material, my artificial flower arranging has transformed from being a hobby to an upcoming business.

Flowers from the Heart originated from my minor obsession with all things small and pretty; I would shop around niche markets and often come across beautiful heart shaped buttons – thus becoming the signature for my company. Not only is a heart featured on all of my goods, but I put my heart in to making each individual piece to make each and every product unique.

From twigs and stones to used glass bottles, my business prides itself on recycling and innovating old materials to produce quality products at affordable prices that my customers are sure to love. Not only will you be buying a well designed, unusual piece that will be hard to come by on the high street, but you will also be helping to save the environment.

With passion and determination, I have transformed my hobby into a business which I work on from home and aim to produce a variety of high quality crafted products suited for an array of different occasions. Artificial flower making has become a significant part of my life and I hope you will all see the passion and love I bring to my products and enjoy them as much as I do!

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